Each participant will be placed in a color group of 5-6 participants (based on the number of volunteers at each facility). When arriving, participants will report to their color group coach/volunteer to check-in.


Participants will stay in their color groups and each coach/volunteer will go over the core value/lesson of the day and lead warm-up activities for their respective groups.


Greeting/Congratulations shall be a Tip of the Cap or Thumbs Up. Handshaking Prohibited.


Each class, participants will be learning and practicing a new golf skill. Golf skills will be taught and practiced through a variety of games. Participants will be spaced 6ft-9ft apart while in hitting/putting stations. If a participant is paired with a partner, the partner will be located 6ft-9ft away in the safety zone and participants will alternate turns. The coach/volunteer overseeing the specific color group will be 6ft-9ft away from all participants in the designated coaching zone.


Shared spaces will be monitored by a coach/volunteer and will be sanitized as needed to ensure the protection of our coaches, volunteers, and participants.



Coaches and volunteers are instructed to wear a mask in the event appropriate physical distancing is not possible. We encourage participants, parents, and spectators to wear a mask or face covering. At this time, such protective measures are not mandatory for participants, parents, or spectators.



Access to restrooms and golf shops will vary based on protocols being followed at each facility.


We always want to welcome spectators and supporters of our youth. When attending class, we ask that you abide by the CDC guidelines for social distancing.


Do NOT share equipment at any time, including tees, ball markers, golf balls, etc. and refrain from the courtesy of picking up someone else’s equipment.
First Tee – West Virginia will do our best to keep participants, coaches, and volunteers 6ft-9ft apart at all times. We respectfully ask and encourage you to speak with your children in advance of class to help reinforce the importance of physical distancing from one another.
First Tee – West Virginia takes these COVID-19 Precautions very seriously. Abiding by these precautions will help ensure the safety of our participants, coaches, and volunteers.

We strongly encourage all parents to review the symptoms of COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control’s Website. If you or your children are experiencing any of these symptoms or if either of you have associated with any individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, STAY HOME and please notify Program Director, Jeff Preast at as soon as possible. While First Tee – West Virginia is implementing these several precautions in an attempt to protect the safety and well-being of everyone, we can never eliminate the risk of exposure in its entirety.

Please review the How to Protect Yourselves & Others Document from the CDC. Click Here.

Please Click Here for more information on symptoms associated with COVID-19.