Thank You

…to the many community members who choose to donate to First Tee West Virginia.  We would not be able to provide services to the state’s youth without your contributions.  Your donations help us deliver a quality program to help develop the youth throughout West Virginia.


John L. Dickinson Family
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Kimberly Fink
Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Kimberly Gonzalez
Mr. Angus M. Peyton




Mr. & Mrs. James and Debbie Huber
Mr. Andrew Jordon
Mr. George Jordon


Ethel N Bowen Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Diana Long
Mr. Dave Pope


Mr. Ned Payne
Ms. Deborah Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Cathy Fox


Mr. & Mrs. Albert and Bitsy Schwabe
Mr. Charlie Houck
Mr. Greg Darby
Mr. Christian Brand

PAR Level

Mr. & Mrs. Pam and Paul Abrahamsson
Ms. Larissa Bedrick
Mr. & Mrs. James and Erikka Buracchio
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Judy Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Ann Cavanaugh
Mr. Joe Duda
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Mary Enger
Ms. Susan Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Rich and Jane Gingrich
Ms. June Goodman
Mr. Jim Grimmett
Ms. Gina Henke
Ms. Patsy Herrald
Mr. Mack Hylton
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Judy Jared
Mr. & Mrs. Drew and Bridget Kagan
Ms. Deborah Keatley
Dr. Tony Kelly
Ms. Judith Kinney
Mr. Christoph Lebl
Ms. Kim Mann and Mr. Bradley Kelly
Ms. Beth Langefels
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Lesly Martin
Mr. Jeremy McCamic
Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Ann McClung
Mr. Jack McGraw
Mr. & Mrs. Manoj and Kristine Pariyadath
Mr. Tom Pearcy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Paula Peyton
Mr. & Mrs. Terry and Cecilia Pfeiffer
Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Ellen Setliff
Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Elaine Solar
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Jane Sparks
Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr.
Mr. Albert Tieche
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Brenda Thorngate
Mr. & Mrs. Brad and Shelly Ullman
Mr. Doug VanScoy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Liba Vass
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Ashley Vickers
Ms. Ellen Weston
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Mary Ann Worley